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You’ve been an idea-person all your life. Now here’s your chance to formally exercise your Outside the Job Box muscles – and get a chance to win big!

If you love the idea of getting paid to use your creative brainstorming skills, then this is your chance to win a FREE Outside the Job Box Career Expert and Small Business Idea Consultant Course and Business Launch Program.

The winner will receive the complete set of ALL program materials – hundreds of pages of training manuals, training CDs plus marketing jumpstart CDs, templates of all forms, scripts, and email templates, and more…

The program materials alone are valued in the thousands. Add to that the income potential from actively using your new-found knowledge and skills to grow your own small business – and the value is incalculable!

One lucky “idea-person” will be chosen by a panel of experts including previous graduates of the Outside the Job Box Career Expert Course.

“Opportunity Detective” Contest Rules

Step 1: You Will Need To Watch the Changing Course “Career Opportunity Bootcamp” video to learn about the “5 Hidden Places to Look for Ideas for Income Streams” at

*NOTE: You must be on the Priority Notification List for your entry to be considered and to qualify. If you are NOT currently on this list, you can sign up now at

Step 2: In the video I share dozens of fascinating examples of creative income streams/profit centers started by enterprising self-bossers. Now it’s your turn!

Use what you learn in the “Career Opportunity Bootcamp” video to actively tune into the Internet, books, magazines, television programs, your own community, or wherever you see small business ideas.

Then I want to you to generate a list of 10 unique income streams/profit centers that some creative entrepreneur has already come up with.

Limit the description of each income stream example to 50 words or less.


When I came up with the contest rules I seriously underestimated what incredible “idea people” you all are. Shame on me!

So as of today, Rule #2 is officially amended so you can do either/or…

Generate a list of 10 unique income streams/profit centers that some creative entrepreneur has already come up with OR GO WILD and create some totally new outside the box ideas of your own!

Step 3: Then simply tell me in 100 words or less how you will use what you learn in the Outside the Job Box Career Consultant Course to make a small difference in the lives of others… Be creative! Like the motto Google once used in one of their contests says… “May those who help the most win!”

Step 4: Post your answers right here in the comments section.

The winner will be selected based on the uniqueness of the income streams/profit centers/business ideas they submit and their ideas of how they will use this course to make a difference in others lives.

All entries must be posted on below by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, April 5th.

The winner will be announced April 6th via email and announced later in the week in the Changing Course Newsletter read by over 22,000 people!

There are 20 comments. Add yours.

  1. Erika Harris

    What a delight to meet Phoebe, Molly and Vulcan! Thanks, Valerie and Lisa, for sharing them with us! I’ve never seen a Scottish Highlander before. Now that I have, well… they’re kinda unforgettable! 🙂

    Thanks, especially, for the chance to enter this very fun contest. Here are the opportunities I came up with:

    1. Fermentation Consultant/Artisanal Vinegar and Mead Maker – Partner with a restaurant, and use their fruit and veggie scraps to make fermented goodies like vinegar and mead. Mmm.

    2. Multi-Generational e-Pal Social Networking Site Creator/Host – Lonely elders share their wisdom with neglected or unmentored youth.

    3. Green Law Firm Consultant – Law firms waste so much paper! The Green Consultant educates attorneys and staff about the benefits of digitized documents; they encourage them to sponsor tree-planting; and they inform them of incentive tax breaks for doing so.

    4. Drum Circle Facilitator – Create leading-edge, revolutionary, “tribes” within corporate settings through music-making and rhythmic playing. Drum circles create energy, community and inspiration, which is often lacking in sterile corporations.

    5. Customer Service Accelerator – Empaths and other “depth listeners” teach business-owners and sales-teams how to really listen to their clients/customers, and how to anticipate and exceed their needs.

    6. Serenador to the Sick – Stringed musicians partner with hospitals/hospices to offer soothing live music (which has been proven to yield healing benefits).

    7. Custom Stained-Glass-Window Designer – This visual artist uses glass windows to create one-of-a-kind commissioned masterpieces for expressive homeowners.

    8. Nursing Home Beauty Specialist – Why do we paint and adorn the dead? Let’s make our seniors gorgeous and handsome while they’re still with us. The attention makes them feel wonderful too. Cosmetologists/stylists partner with nursing homes to make this happen.

    9. Forbes’ Yogi – Yoga instructor shares ancient Eastern forms of meditation and mastery in private sessions with C-level executives.

    10. Joyful Work for Sensitive People ( – Help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths create joyful work for themselves. More details on this below.

    Q: How would I use this course to make a difference in others’ lives?

    A: I love the fact that every tele-seminar and podcast I’ve listened to on this site has said, “Just start… even if you don’t know all the steps.” That’s exactly what I did with when I created it 3 months ago. I had *no idea* what the vehicle would be for me to actually show HSPs/Empaths HOW to create the meaningful work our souls insist upon. I only knew that I would figure it out. Eventually.

    Eventually is now.

    Valerie, I am 1000% sure that your OJB Training Program is the vehicle — the HOW — I’ve been carefully searching for. With it, I will confidently journey with my precious niche, and unleash empowered, directed, sensitive people onto the world to bless it with their very special gifts and offerings.
    We are 20% of the population who will play small no longer 🙂

    P.S. Around the same time I started my site, I also started a MeetUp group for HSPs and Empaths. I’ve already had many requests from people to help them create their joyful work, and I’ve been… re-inventing the wheel… the OJB wheel you designed, frankly. And I’ve been doing it at great personal expense. I need a system to take me where I’m destined to go, Valerie. Your system.

  2. Good Morning —

    Step 1
    Watched it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Step 2
    1. Selling speciality poodles.
    2. Providing workshops and seminars on effective parenting.
    3. Rent to Own cars.
    4. Popsy Cakes, cupcakes on a stick.
    5. Forever Life Music & Video Production – Creates videos and music for special occasions and events.
    6. Eco Dog Treats – vegetarian dog treats.
    7. E&E Basket Company – baskets for all occastions.
    8. Tutoring and strategy business for college students.
    9. Online SAT preparation.
    10. Sell imported Peruvian jewelry.

    Numbers 4-10 are all full time businesses started by teenagers!

    Step 3
    I will use your Outside the Job Box Career Consultant Course to help fathers and children spend more time together. When I figure out how to run my own business with my wife and children, I will teach other families how to do the same. I also wish to take teenagers and get them involved in Entreprenurship, giving the vast majority who will not go to college a different option than “just a j-o-b.”

    Right now I am just dabbling with ideas, but I need to get laser focused to succeed and then to help as many others as I can.

    David Kimball

  3. Wow! It is amazing what a creative mind can do! Okay
    all you idea people — Erika and David kicked us off… now jump in!

  4. Oooops! I think I may have goofed on the contest instructions. I thought I was supposed to brainstorm ten ORIGINAL opportunities, which is what I did in my first entry (#1 above). Now, having re-read the instructions… and seeing David’s great submission, I see that I was supposed to present 10 opportunities that an entrepreneur has already done. So, just to cover my bases, here’s a list of 10 creative opportunities that are actually being carried out by people. I’m a big fan of online business and information/internet marketing, so each listing here happens to be an IM. I put the creator’s name in parenthesis.

    1. Habits educator who helps people get “destuckified.” (Havi Brooks)
    2. Sacred website developer who builds spirit-infused sites for lightworkers. (Karen Curry)
    3. Money, marketing and soul coach for women entrepreneurs. (Kendall Summerhawk)
    4. Way-shower for very small businesses. (Naomi Dunford)
    5. Teacher of great copywriting specifically for online marketing. (Brian Clark)
    6. Personal development guru. (Steve Pavlina)
    7. Trains and certifies people to become Akashic record readers. (Andrea Hess)
    8. The Raw Food Coach guides people into the raw/living food lifestyle. (Karen Knowler)
    9. Helps people discover their life purpose through “hand analysis” — also known as palm reading. (Beth Davis)
    10. Off-Beat Brides get great, taffeta-free tips on creating very untraditional weddings. (Ariel Stallings)

    Most of these business models are based on the sale of a product or service, as well as an affiliate program.

    This is fun! Is there a limit to how many times I can submit? 🙂

  5. Debbie

    I’m totally inspired and have chilly bumps! Thank you, Erika (we are kindred spirits, my friend), and David. You both RAWK! (Typed like a true soon-to-be certified raw chef!) David, might I suggest that you employ the present in your statements, i.e., I am living the life I love, wonderfully balancing my business with my family and immensely enjoy teaching others the same. Imagine what you would feel when you involve teens in entrepreneurship. Feel the feelings. Own them and it will happen. In fact, I think it’s happening NOW! (Gosh, can anyone else feel the energy?!? I LOVE IT!!!)

    Blessings to you both!

  6. Olivia

    Ooooops! I came up with 10 ideas myself. I did what Erica did. Back to the drawing board. However, I like this drawing board, it feels like play time to me. I agree with Erica, this is so much fun! I’m calling my friends asking them all the things they like to do and trying to come up with ideas for them.:) I’ll be back with ideas created by other entrepreneurs.

  7. @Debbie – YES, I *definitely* feel the buzzing energy you’re talking about and I love it too! Big Congrats to you on your soon-coming raw chef certification. I’m thrilled for you!

    @Olivia – Yay, a playmate! 🙂

    @Valerie – I just read your most recent update about this awesome contest, and am so glad you approve of multiple entries… because below is my third entry of 10. (Can you tell I really want to win?) This time it’s themed “Only in Chicago” as these 10 radiant businesspeople are all in my hometown:

    1. Event Cancellor – Lindsey Riggin understands that calling off an engagement or cancelling a wedding can be just as (if not more) stressful as planning one. She helps notify guests, call vendors, re-negotiate contracts, answer etiquette questions & offer therapeutic support, advice & expertise.

    2. Enamel & Porcelain Hand-Painter – McLaughlin Glazeware is the only company in the United States that hand paints enamel and porcelain gifts. They also create custom pieces for The Lyric Opera of Chicago, the City of Chicago, and the White House Historical Association.

    3. Swedish Antique Importer & Interior Designer – Annika Christensen travels to her home country, Sweden, twice a year to fill containers full of Gustavian furniture, Mora clocks, mirrors, lighting, art pottery, glass and porcelain by noted Swedish Designers, and beautiful hand printed linen fabrics.

    4. Children’s Book Publisher – Leonore Lee consults for Barefoot Books, a small, women-owned, independent publisher that creates award-winning children’s books. It’s committed to enhancing multicultural understanding, supporting global conservations and promoting the benefits of childhood literacy.

    5. Chocolatier – Katrina Markoff personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into her haut-chocolat company, Vosges. Markoff utilizes the original methods of French confectionery artistry which she learned during her training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Her collections have a great, worldly vision inspired by her global apprenticeships.

    6. Animal Attuner – Danielle Gutelius’ motto is “Improving the lives of animals and their people.” She helps people’s animal companion by raising its vibrational frequency using Reconnective Healing energies, therapeutic-grade essential oils, flower essences and feng shui applications.

    7. Natural Health Pioneer & Health Activist – Courageous (though others may think “controversial”) provider of optimal wellness products and information (Joseph Mercola).

    8. Tantric Teaching Couple – Together, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Mr. Freddy Zental Weaver make-up TantraNova which is committed to the creation of a transformational, tantric community that contributes to sexual-spiritual harmony that brings unification in being with oneself and others.

    10. Multi-Media Maven – Does Oprah Winfrey really need a description???

    Creating this list has renewed my excitement about the great city I call home. I am so inspired by the accomplishments and unique career paths created by my fellow Chicagoans.

  8. Intuitive John Shoemaekr

    Oriental Wisdom from 531 BC Shows Opportunity Detective Skill Has Been Identified For Thousands of Years…Learn How To Harness The 21st Century Version Brought To Life By Woman In Colorado!

    “Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success.
    Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream” Lao Tzu Founder Of Taosism 600 B.C.

    I’ve worked as a smallish business marketer…and find so many people want to reach out…branch out…and bloom into their dreams.
    They want to change.

    But they don’t know how. What is hidden to them is obvious to me.
    What would I do if I won???

    This contest may be a gift…a message, if you will.
    I’ve been looking for a topic I can…

    * Teach on a regular basis
    * That is really helpful to people
    * That’s got a long term value worth building up
    * That’s interesting and dynamic enough that I can sustain my enthusiasm over the long term
    * Let’s me use my abilities to inspire people and intuit what they need and help them individual
    * That’s needed and demanded by the markets right now… is obvious how to sell it…and can charge enough for me to make a good living traveling with it.

    So winning would jump start that part of my life.
    I love being in front of people…and learning your system without having to create my own…I can carry it to thousands of people and make a difference in their lives.

    Self study is great…and good enough for many people. But I believe that when you can carry the message to people face to face…and give them direct advice…its extremely helpful.

    List of Ten Projects
    These are projects I’ve identified…and currently working on in the real world.

    1) How To Stop Struggling As An Artist..Turning Your Art Into Sales Into Real Sales That Will Support Your Love of Creating Without Spending More Than $1000

    Turning Artists Into Successful Artists That Actually Make Money From Their Art…and learn to support themselves without the distraction of having to be in the Daily Grind. This is a combination Marketing/Soul Searching/Self Teaching Program for the artists who sell at shows on the weekends and are clueless about some of the basic business and marketing principles.

    2) How To Actually Produce Just One or Two Copies of Your CD, DVD, Book or Ebook For Almost Nothing! ( Low Budget and Low Cost Information Products

    For under $2.00 you can get a 1 CD or DVD professionally duplicated, packaged and shrink wrappped.

    For under $10 you can get 1 copy of a real book.

    Learn how…fast, easy and simple.

    3) No More Nervousness -Complete Confidence for The Best Man-

    Prewritten Toasts and Speeches for everyone who has to talk at a Wedding or Reception. I have a friend who is a Wedding DJ…a wonderful one who creates life long memories with his music…and we’re adding other services that people need. This is one of them.

    4) Furniture Restoration Made Easy- 30 Years of Insider Tips To Bring Your Prized Furniture Back To Life!

    I have a friend has been a master furniture refinisher for 30 years. We’re looking at turning his experience into a DVD training set so he can pass on the years of hard earned tricks of the trade for both Do It Yourselfers and Professionals who want to savor the tricks and techniques he has created.

    5) How To Turn Your High School Athlete Into A Scholarship Winner

    I have a friend who is a Professional Videographer…one of his specialties is shooting Football Game footage and Practice Footage for the coaches to watch and learn from. We’re looking at turning his knowledge of how to shoot what coaches are looking for…and turning it into a training tape for parents of high school athletes. That way they can create their own highlight films for college recruiters to help them get a scholarship. Interestingly…there are a number of web sites that are now catering to recruiters who can’t get to small schools…and are looking for new talent.

    6) Powerful Presentations-

    I’ve done many paid and in public presentations and speeches…and this morning a new partner of mine suggested we recreate a seminar I used to teach called Powerful Presentations…Topics include ” 5 simple steps to creating a presentation no one will forget”…”How To Use Presentations To Sell…How To Control The Room Environment…How To Craft Your Talk So It Appeals To All Learning Styles.

    7) Is Your Dog Anxious and Worried All The Time?

    I’ve worked with anxiety and stress relief with clients…and taking that knowledge and carrying it over to the Dog World..Anxiety In Dogs, Separation Anxiety in Dogs…Natural Cures For Dog Anxiety…topics and sites like that.

    8) The Real World Of Dating For Men Over 40

    One friend at a conference we were at saw me having lots of fun with women…and wants me to create a Dating For Over 40 Training Guide for Men and he will take over the marketing of it.

    9) Training Your Intuition-The Hidden Secret To Success In The Business World

    I’m taking some of the specialty courses that a major metaphysical college has offered for years (ie intuitive training…soulful business) and re marketing it as separate products. Those are two niches I’m developing….Intuition and Intuitive Training (see examples at IntuitiveJohnShoemaker.Vox.Com) If you are metaphysically inclined…you can check

    10) Healing The Healers Finances- How To Harness The Power of Intuitive Marketing For Small Business- I have taught several courses aruond this topic over the years (100 clients in 100 days, etc.) and since my audience was Holistic Healers it was great and very helpful to them. So you inspired me to resurrect it as an info product.

    It’s a great experience to see what everybody is coming up.

    Lots of talent here.


  9. Sharan

    1. Shopping Buddy ( so many individuals out there who need buddy to go shopping with them)
    2. Animal Healer (providing therapy and healing on animals, so powerful for the owner and healer to be involved in this)
    3. Cooking Teacher that provides cooking workshops for all ages(Theme is healthy cooking) so many people out there who need advice on cooking meals that are healthy and quick)
    4. Self-Esteem Trainer for teenagers- so many teenagers who lack confidence and self-esteem , this training would give them tools to empower themselves.
    5. Image Consultant for Women with Cancer ( So many women who have cancer and need to be inspired and to strengthen their confidence within them to feel great about themselves).
    6. Advice Analyst for Single working Men ( Lot of single men who are working ,that need support and ways to bring confidence within themselves in meeting the right partner).
    7. Pregnancy Coach ( Coach is there from the beginning of the pregnancy to the end in support and giving advice to the mum)
    8. Music Therapist ( Using music for babies, adults and kids for emotional and physical wellbeing).
    9. Plant/Garden babysitter (Plant babysitter will take care of your plants and garden while you are away travelling or away from your home)
    10. Wine Tours (Providing wine tours around the world for the wine lovers who love sampling all the different wines).

    Why do I want to become Outside the Job Box Career Consultant?
    To keep my story short, I was very inspired by what you are doing Valerie and really enjoyed that video. I have learned so much from that video because I use the excuse that I need money to get my idea started, but that was so beautifully said that it takes idea to make money which is opportunity to turn into income.
    I am in 8-5 job and I look out that window each day thinking I have so much potential that I am not using my self fully. I realize life is so short and I do not want to be making regrets later on in life for not take risk in doing what I love as a career.
    I am passionate about people. I want to make difference in people lives and being able to decide my own hours and get fullfillment from my career and financial rewarded at the same time. I would love to be Outside the Job Box Career Consultant because I love working with people and enjoy helping people get to there goals and dreams in life. I am from USA, but living in the UK now and I would love to make difference within my community as Career Consultant. I must say, I really enjoyed coming up with 10 ideas that other people can generate income for as a living. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express myself! Everyone has really good ideas on this page, its very inspiring 🙂

  10. Olivia

    Thank you Valerie for offering this opportunity to us!

    1. A Green Coupon Business ( Zebra was conceived by two long-time friends. They were looking to embrace a lifestyle that promoted the health of their families, community, and planet.

    2. African and African American Storyteller and Educator. (Bridgette Houston) She does story telling for schools, churches, civic organizations, Family Reunions. She tells the story of “How The Slaves Came To Christ”.

    3.The Salvage Sisters (this is one of my favorites!) They are real-life sisters who have spent decades turning street side finds and backyard relics into decorative accents. They repurpose junk into creative, useful projects. They sell their new masterpieces to people and they have written a book.

    4. Handmade Personalized Greeting Cards.

    5. Cake Decorating Birthday Party. Instead of kids painting pottery for birthdays, why not decorate their own personalized cake. The icing would already be on the cake, they would just decorate it. Then they get to bring their decorated cake home. I saw this on a website, but can’t remember where.

    6.Curly hair expert. Taking care of curly hair is different than straight hair. Teach people how to cut, care for, and style curly hair. Have a salon dedicated just for curly girls. ( is a curly girl salon). Or dedicate a website to curly hair (

    7. If you live in the country and have a barn or an extra cottage like house, you could fix it up to have weddings there or other special gatherings. Cater the food for them as well.

    8.Create WordPress Tutorials (I mean for the nitty gritty stuff). I found this guy when setting up my website. I couldn’t have done it without his tutorials. He designs WordPress sites for people and he’s working on putting together tutorials that you have to pay for.

    9.I know a homeschooling teen that lives in my neck of the woods who loves plants and animals. She has started a nature class for homeschoolers. She teaches plant identification, how to track animals, animal and reptile habitats, etc. She takes them on nature walks and has the class outdoors.

    10. Educational Game Inventor. We have a few of these games and we enjoy them.

    I’m a homeschool mom who teaches her kids “outside of the box”. My 11yr. old has a cake decorating business. I’m always looking for what their talent is and guiding them that way. After studying home based businesses for 3 years (I’m a scanner), I’ve decided I want to help women find their uniqueness and how to profit from it. I was shocked when I found your website. It’s what my heart is! Teaching women to spot their children’s giftings and to help them think “outside of the box” instead of just going down the same beaten path as everyone else is another area I want to help with. They’re our future!

  11. Jerry Benware

    Jerry’s Comments:

    1) A local hauling business with a focus on Motorcycles, ATVs, lawn movers etc. Many people need to move items, or have purchased items picked up that do not own trucks or trailers. I provide this service with professional equipment.

    2)Motorcycle Tour Coordinator: I plan on expanding my local hauling business to include tours to the major motorcyle meets in the country, Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Sturgis etc. I will haul the bikes, make hotel arrangements etc. Customers will fly and their bikes will be there and all accomodations made for them. This will afford them to take in these events with less planning on their part and less vacation time expended.

    3) Medicare Claims Consultant: During one of my work lives I sold Medicare Supplement Insurance. It was my experience that the process of the elderly and their families being sold more insurance than they needed, sorting through the medical bills and Medicare forms; made them more sick than the illness. They need an honest person to work through this maze for them.

    4) Insurance Quote Consultant: Many folks do not get there auto and home insurance shopped at any regular basis. It is time consuming and most do not make the effort. It has been my experience that agents do not lower your rates when new rating structures are implemented. Insurance companies do not have any loyalty to you, have a claim and you could be cancelled. So, the old argument that you have been with them for ever most likely is costing you money. An unbiased person is needed to work with your existing agencies, or shop these insurance needs for the best price with reputable companies.

    5) Learn To Drive: Many communities and schools due to budget restraints, do not offer driver education programs. Not always is the parent or a close family member the best person to teach driving skills. This need exists in my community.

    6) Night Life Van Transport: As druken driving becomes more of a problem and local law enforcment agencies ramp up, your social life or driving reputation and wallet will suffer. This is a problem in rural America where some towns have very limited taxie service. A van service that will travel between bars and restaurants with local drop off points in neighborhoods will benefit the individual, community safety and local commerce.

    7) Womens Self Defense Coach: In our area womens awareness and self defense training has become none existant on college campuses and in comminities in general. There is a need to teach safety awareness and how and when to defend yourself. Conversations with college students has proven that we have allot of uninformed and scared kids out there. I use to teach this when I was involved with martial arts. Awareness was 50% of the class material and physical defense was the rest.

    8) Supervisor Training Consultant: There are many people working in Supervisor Positions that have no business being there. Not everyone is cut out to supervise people. It is not always the persons fault; the companies do not know what it takes to be a good leader, coach, and motivator. There is a need to work with the companies through selection and then with the individual to build these skill sets.

    9) How To Motivate The Workforce: This is a whole area in itself. People are individuals and therefore are motivated in different ways. How to identify personalities and what motivates a person is vital for a productive workforce. Managing all those different personalities to form a well functioning team is another vital skill that is needed. Companies need this Consultant.

    10) “The Basics of Establishing Your Business”: Now that you have the idea, what is needed to establish your business. A Good Business Plan (required for Banks, grants etc.), Liabilities and Risks, What Type of Filing-DBA,LLC,Inc., Website (this can be a bad and expensive experience without the proper knowledge to setup and manage), How do yo stay in the top 3 pages when searched, etc. A consultant that can navigate you there these vital decision and have a list of competant people in these fields of expertise, will be invaluable to your success.

    Why do I want to become an Outside The Job Box Career Consultant?

    Because my community is located in a rural area that depended on three manufacturing businesses. We have been hit hard by this recession and I am tired of watching my friends chase these jobs that consistantly layoff. I am retired and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I watch our young talents leave the area in search of the ever evasive job security. The only way these folks are going to get out from under this life roll-a-coaster is to get out of the box and build their own futures. I have been working with a wonderful lady in our local County Chamber of Commerce Office who is also an entreperneur and has access to allot of free training. I need to be a part of this movement in our community and provide the missing part, cultivating and fertilizing these ideas to help build a community of small businesses that will survive regardless of what the big companies do.

  12. Helene Desruisseaux

    Everyone’s contribution is quite inspiring, and I’m honored to be part of this community.

    Here are 10 examples of creative businesses that are being done by people I’ve come in contact with.

    As fun as it is to come up with my own ideas, I decided to stick to these “real” examples because having an idea is one thing, creating a profitable business around it is another more demanding level. I guess it’s the difference between a hobby and an income stream.

    1. Former clerk is doing psychic parties.
    2. Former engineer is being the bridge between scientists and the “real” world
    3. College Guru: Mentoring preteens and teens to make choices now that enhance
    their chances of being accepted to the college of their choice
    4. Former herbologist doing environment-friendly decorative concrete floors and counter tops
    5. Former educator has a cultural exchange business where university-age youths become part time nannies to learn the language and culture
    6. Former teacher runs healing seminars on Second Life (a virtual world)
    7. Kinfolk detective: geneology service
    8. Making and selling orgone devices meant to protect from negative energy
    9. Elders’ biography writer (interviewing family with the view of providing book to parents as a gift, along with photo album)
    10. Teaching people how to create successful associations

    How I will use what you learn in the Outside the Job Box Career Consultant Course to make a small difference in the lives of others:

    My main wish for this world is that we evolve to a kinder, gentler race, treating each other, the animals and the planet with respect.

    I also believe that what we all want is to be really Seen (our real selves). When that need is satisfied, we lose the urge to posture for dominance and self interest.

    So connecting people’s true selves to their ability to prosper is a perfect way to better our planet.

    My community is mainly online, and my plans are to hold teleseminars, group and individual coaching sessions, and joint venture with others for wider reach.

    (Wow, 100 words exactly; phew!!)

    “See” you all tonight.

  13. Olivia

    Here are a few I came up with myself that I didn’t post:

    1.Be the Blogger expert for Create instructional how-to videos for personalizing your blog. I know a lady who could and should do this.

    2. My son is wanting to learn skateboarding right now, so I think starting skateboarding lessons would be a cool idea. And then make instructional videos, so they can practice at home as well.

    3. My 13yr. old son is going to a Performing Arts school. They were telling me how they wish they had more scholarships to give out. I told them about “The Wealthy Bag” lady who shows you how to set up non-profit organizations. Then I came up with some other money making ideas for them: Show people how to start their own performing arts studio (they could write an ebook, have bootcamps, seminars, and even a membership site). They could create ebooks on the history of dance and acting. Ebook or camp to to show the difference in teaching girls ballet and boys ballet(there are a lot of dance studios who teach boys the same way they teach girls), ebook or camp showing how to teach voice lessons and the best songs to use for certain voices, they could also be a talent scout for organizations.

    4. A friend of mine who homeschools loves nature studies and does them with her kids all the time. She also loves to teach women things that she’s learned. I suggested that she create a book that shows parents how to do nature studies with their kids. She could hold classes for the moms as well. She could also make bird and plant guides for her area and sell them to bookshops, giftshops, museums, and other tour attracting places.

    4. My mom loves animals and she is a talented drawer. Here are some ideas I came up with for her: Draw people’s animals, start a greeting card business, create a comic book with her drawings or have the greeting cards have comical sayings in them (she is a funny story teller and would be great at this). Write her own childrens book series about animals.

  14. Raghu Matam

    Dear Valerie,

    What an awesome video that was! Thank you, thank you and thank you! I have lived all my life thinking there was something wrong with me where I get a dozen new ideas a week and usually end up not doing much about many of those ideas and used to beat myself up for being such a ‘talker-thinker’ and not a ‘doer’.
    I constantly scan for opportunities. I only heard about the concept of Ideation recently and yours was the first website I saw that actually talked about putting the Ideation concept into practical use and help others as well as make money with it. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the way. I am already on my way to dusting off my dreams and starting on the process of achieving them. I would like to help other people also show the way to their dreams.

    Out of the Job box business ideas:

    1. Many people now-a-days want to grow their own organic food at home (with the constant Salmonella scare and all that) or in their backyards but have absolutely no idea how to go about it or dont have the time or energy to do it. You can offer consulting services where you guide them through the process and occasionally come and check on the progress and give them tips on how to care for their plants, help them market any of their excess produce and take a cut in the profits. Also sell them books,DVDs, plant growth products, traning programs etc.

    2. Local association/support group for home based business owners where they can meet once or twice a month and exchange ideas and give and get encouragement, support and ongoing training. You can also make money by referring to various other training programs (as an affiliate),products, services, books and DVDs that will help them in growing their business.

    3. Publish and sell a phone directory/internet directory or coupon book of all the Green business in your city thus encouraging people to patronise local green businesses (it has been done by someone in Sanfrancisco Bay area recently)

    4. Conduct classes and support group for new Moms and new Dads (first timers) where they can meet once a month and exchange ideas, encouragement and support alongwith tips and training for raising healthy families.You can make money from the training and also by referring products and services which you can market as an affiliate.

    5. Start a small organic farm and allow people to invest and own a share of ownership just like timeshares. Instead of getting the produce regularly, it is sold in the market and profits shared. Many people may not want to go through the hassle of delivering or picking up produce weekly and they may not get the choices they like, so just sharing in the profits might be a good idea.

    6. Create and organize an adult education co-op where all the members take turns teaching the other members once a week in their area of expertise (spanning wide variety of areas) or profession thus enriching the life and knowledge of fellow members. There an be a small fees to become a member of the
    co-op which covers the costs of administration and the consultancy fees paid to the organizer, which
    is you. You can also market any relevant products and services to the members and make more extra money.

    7. Organize offbeat, unique and exotic tours. Those could be either local,regional, national or even international depending on your tastes,passions,interests and expertise in a field. For example you can organize tours of organic wineries to wine enthusiasts who like organic or tours of Green businesses and Green factories etc to small investors who want to invest in Green businesses or who want to get ideas. Or you can offer tours to historic places or a local experience of living among certain cultures and getting to know them etc. You can make money from other areas too like selling them books, DVDs, training etc.

    8. Affordable, live training and ongoing coaching of newbie Solopreneurs/home based biz owners to help them start and run their businesses. And using OJB training, Offer Coaching and consultancy services for people who want to create multiple streams of income and not just depend on their job income.

    9. Errands for seniors and the disabled etc. This can be a monthly membership type of thing where you can run small errands for seniors and disabled who find it hard to go about town to do minor errands, thus saving them time and hardship. Even 100 members at $60 a month can create a 6K income per month.

    10. For the geeks and tech savvy people, you can start an affordable and friendly Geek Squad type of tech support to help non-tech people, seniors etc including help in selecting the right equipment like computers, printers, high end steroes, Plasma TVs etc. Help in maintaining it, creating their personal website help etc. It can based on monthly membership basis, members get a set no.of hours a month and lot of ongoing tips, training classes, exclusive website with training videos,tips etc. ($70 a month and 100 members, you can make a cool 7K per month). You can also make money by selling them or referring them products and services as an affiliate.


    11. Life story documentary maker for individulas who want to make short documentary movies of their life for posterity and pass on their life message to their family, grandchildren etc

    What I would do with the OJB course:

    I feel that lot of societal ills we are facing in the modern world today are due to the fact that adults have lost their dreams and goals. Sometimes I feel like we just exist to do work and pay bills, thus creating deep dissatisfaction in our lives which manifest as many psychological problems, health problems, relationship problems, drug problems etc and more thus paving way for many societal ills.

    I would like to help people dust off their long forgotten dreams, rediscover their hidden passions, strentghs and talents and find true happiness in their lives. I am currently working on putting together a free 1 hour seminar to be delivered in libraries, schools and places of worship with the theme of “How to find your true passion and create wealth and happiness from that”. I live and work in the Silicon Valley of California in the I.T field where the job dissatisfaction and work stress are probably one of the highest in this country and am sure I can find a willing and ready audience for this type of help.

  15. Jean

    1. Coaching people how to win contests
    2. Coupon parties.
    3. – an auction web site for job seekers. The job candidate with the lowest bid can get the job.
    4. Indoor hydroponic lettuce garden in the Pacific Northwest – successful through the worst winter in years.
    5. Grocery auctions
    6. Full-figured fashion magazine for career people.
    7. Tags for green bags to remind people to take the bags with them and not leave them at home.
    8. Fitness parties – sell equipment and get exercise at the same time.
    9. Everything Victorian – another kind of at home party sales with Victorian Tea as the theme.
    10. Photographer of children’s artwork to be stored on photo booklets instead of keeping all the original artwork.

    I was recently let go at the ripe age of 54 after 5 1/2 years of long days and unfulfilling work. Since that happened two months ago I feel like my brain is actually waking up from a long winter’s hibernation. I know there are many others like me out there and that the old kind of brick and mortar standard for business just isn’t for everyone. More and more of us will be looking to work from home. If I won the contest I could help other people in the same way that you are in working at something that makes their days more alive and have fun doing it.

  16. Alicia

    1. Been There Done That – a website for parents of teenagers 13+. Where parents can go to share their experiences. Suggestions, comments and advice by parents for parents about anything.

    2. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – seminars, workshops and a website to present all the different kinds of vocations, careers and jobs available to students throughout their high school years to help them follow their natural path/talent/gift after graduation.

    3. Social Networking for those 40+ – create a website, workshop to teach people 40+ social networking.

    4. Social Networking for small/home based businesses – create a website and workshops to help small and home based businesses how to use social networking to increase business.

    5. Mommy Dreams – geared toward Moms who have put their passion on hold. This website and webinar series will help Moms find their dreams again.

    6. Healthy Heroes – a program sponsored by Healthy Heroes from the local police and fire departments created for students of all ages to encourage exercise and healthy eating.

    7. – this website allows you to post items you want to get rid of i.e. workout equipment, books, toys etc. It also allows you to post something you would like to buy. The best part is it is all FREE.

    8. – a website geared for moms who want to start a business. Lots of information and advice on this site. I have watched this site grow over the last 10 years.

    9. – Great ideas, suggestions and comments for any kind of party regardless of age.

    10. Immaculee Ilibagazia – her personal experience during the Rwanda genocide. She and seven other women hunched together in a bathroom for 3 months to survive. Powerful, heart wrenching and life changing.

    Guess what? I am an “Out of the Box” consultant, I just didn’t know there was an actual title for what I have been doing naturally all of my life. To think I could have been paid all along, well let me not think about that right now. Being an official Out of the Box Consultant would not only provide me with an opportunity to leave the rat race of Corporate America but to establish my own passion driven business that would provide the exact same for others. Pinch me!!! Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

  17. I would like to be put in contact with who ever helps artists actually make money from their art.

  18. Ruby

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling in 2011 !

  19. Carl


    I have this great a Semi-pro to Pro Canon XH A1 video camcorder of mine that I would like to sell. It is a high quality HD video machine for small production films or a professional.

    Thank you


    Superb, what a web site it is! This website presents valuable facts
    to us, keep it up.


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