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What are your one or two words that will drive your 2012?

Share your words below.

There are 12 comments. Add yours.

  1. Doreen

    My words for 2012… clarity and change.

  2. Patrice

    My words for 2012…. no excuses.

  3. Renee

    My words for 2012: (1) Relationships; (2) Embrace Fear

  4. Kaylea

    My two words for 2012 are: Passionate Anticipation & Gratitude! (I guess that would be three words, wouldn’t it)

  5. All great words!

    Now what is everyone planning to do to actualize these in words in your life? Looking forward to hearing what you’re going to do!


  6. Charles McCool

    Think Big

  7. Think Big is great Charles! Do you have Big Dream ready to rock or are you in the thinking about thinking – and acting – big stage?

  8. nana Yaa

    focused action

  9. Mary Lou Carolan

    SYNERGY. That’s what I seek this year – connections to the people, the energy, the ideas, the tools to make my BIG dreams happen in 2012.

  10. Love Focused Action Yaa — its so easy to lose focus and then take no action — so this is perfect!

    Synergy is a great word too Mary Lou. It’s amazing what can happen when everything is aligned!

    Keep me posted on the steps you both take to make your words your reality.

    Its all small steps!


  11. Andrea

    Courage (to push through real and imagined roadblocks) and Love (myself and everyone else).

  12. Great words Andrea! Do you have a plan for how to increase your courage or what to do when you feel it lessening?



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