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Summer is the Perfect Time to Grow a Dream

Since yesterday was the first official day of summer, it seemed fitting to reprint this popular article. Have a great summer and grow those dreams!

Has the school calendar of your youth hardwired you to see September as the time for new beginnings? If you yearn for a new job, a career change or maybe even a total life makeover – summertime is by far the best time to act.

Summer is synonymous with fun. It’s possible to make a change and still have time for recreation. In fact, the word recreation literally means to “re-create.” And what better way to spend your summer than recreating your life! Here are six ways you can use the rest of the summer to grow a dream:

  1. Catch a falling star. When my best friend, Elaine, and I weren’t building forts or skipping rope, we could be found lying beneath a shady tree or a star-filled sky. These weren’t idle pursuits. We were flexing our imaginations. As the most carefree of the four seasons, summers are made for dreaming. It’s the perfect time to gaze upward, to look inward and to imagine what could be.
  2. Grow a dream garden. Look within and you may find the seeds of a dream planted long ago. Left untended though, dreams will fail to sprout. Summer is the ideal time to cultivate our dreams both old and new. Start with good soil. What is it you care deeply about? What makes you happy? What do you want your life to look like? Now get rid of the weeds – the lame excuses, apathy, self-doubt, and fear born from lack of information. Tend to your dreams and watch them grow.
  3. Take advantage of the longer days. Even though those so-called lazy days of summer have gotten a lot busier of late, the additional hours of daylight do seem to add a bit more time to our lives. Once you’ve engaged in some active reflection, use some of this “found time” to start working toward your goals. Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day, it’s all forward motion!
  4. Read a real thriller. As you’re packing for the beach leave the romance novel or who-done-it at home. Instead treat your life like the adventure that it is by picking up a real thriller like Paul and Sarah Edwards The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook or Create a Life That Tickles Your Soul by Suzanne Willis Zoglio. Maybe you already have a new direction in mind. Then take this time to read up on that exciting new career.
  5. Invest in your dream. Save both money and time by spending your vacation at home. Make it a real vacation by doing the kinds of things a tourist on a budget might do – go on a picnic, head to a museum, take a day trip. Stash the money you would have spent on a more costly vacation into a “dream fund.” Use your savings to take career-expanding classes, buy some snappy new interview outfit or even start your own business. If your dream includes relocating do hit the road by using your vacation as an exciting research expedition.
  6. Summer is the ideal time to ease into a new job. With all the overlapping vacation schedules, many organizations operate in a somewhat more relaxed mode in July and August. As a new hire, that means the trial by fire period is apt to be a little less trying. If you’ve been putting off a job move until the fall, keep in mind the slower pace makes summer a great time to learn the new job ropes before the workplace once again launches into fall overdrive.

Re-creating your life is about making choices. What choices are you willing to make to grow your dream? Whatever you decide to do, have a safe, relaxing, and inspired rest of the summer!

There are 4 comments. Add yours.

  1. Hi Valerie,
    Thanks for the motivational newsletter. It’s good to be reminded that we make our own dreams. Sure, some people seem to just get it dropped on their laps, but we don’t know the legwork behind that. In any case, I’m on that path now. My husband and I started our own business. We provide assistance to restaurant start-ups and restaurants who need assistance. We just launched our website at the beginning of the month, so we are moving forward. Our book will be published soon, The Manager’s Walk Through and Figure Eights” It’s been loads of work, but it hasn’t seemed that way because it is our dream.
    I love the comments on the books and also the idea of just taking steps. I’m glad we did that. Thanks for your writing, your seminars, and your training.

  2. Ana

    I always love reading your amazing content, Valerie. You are the number-one motivator for someone ready to take action today! As a long-time subscriber, I have a special request today. I’m taking a kind of poll of internet marketers for an article I’m doing. It consists of just one question:

    If you were speaking to a group of homeless people — folks with no money to hire coaches, take training courses, buy other info products, or make any other monetary investments normally expected to become successful … but say each had a laptop, a connection somewhere, ambition and steely determination … what would you say is possible to achieve under their circumstances?

    Assume none has a job and can’t find one.

    If you have the time to answer, I would so appreciate it. I’m taking kind of a poll among marketers for an article and I’d be fascinated by the results.

    Anyone else is welcome to chime in. 🙂

  3. Ana

    I’m so sorry, Valerie. When I put my question to you for my “poll,” I forgot to thank you in advance! How rude of me. So if you have to time to answer, thank you ever so much!


  4. Kaungkhantko


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