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How to Get Away With Murdering Your Dream

How to Get Away With Murdering Your Dream

In my two decades at Changing Course I’ve grieved the premature death of hundreds of perfectly viable business ideas.

Ideas which were totally possible – some even brilliant.

Ideas which if acted upon could have sprung their owners from job jail and made a difference in the world as well.

But sadly their owner let them perish.

There are a lot of ways to kill a dream.

For instance you can believe all those life-long cubicle dwellers who love to tell you that being your own boss is just a pipe dream.

Or you can become so overwhelmed with the thought of acting on your great idea that all you want to do is zone out in front of the television.

Or you can become consumed with the “what ifs.”

  • What if no one likes, wants, or buys my stuff?
  • What if I fall flat on my face?
  • What if I don’t know enough or am not smart enough to pull it off?

So much so that you never pause to consider what your life will be like in the far more likely event that you actually succeed!

There are dozens more of course. But by far the most common way to get away with murdering your dream is to simply keep it to yourself.

After all, if no one ever knows about your big idea they can’t possibly judge it – or you.

If you don’t share your business plan then no one will know that you didn’t lift a single finger to get it off the launch pad.

If you never let your idea see the light of day, never show your art or share your writing then no one will expect anything from you.

In other words, when you’re accountable only to yourself, then there’s no real consequence for failing to follow through.

That is of course other than spending the next ten or twenty years stuck in a job-job. 

If you think that’s too high a price to pay, then you have a choice. You can continue to slowly starve your dream to death through sheer neglect.

Or you can decide to get off the misery-go-round.

If you wisely chose the latter, here are two simple steps you can take right this very minute.

Step 1: Publicly Declare Your Intention

For five years I produced a wonderful workshop called Work at What You Love which I also co-led with and my good friend and author of Making a Living Without a Job Barbara Winter.

make your dreams come true - motivational slogan on a napkin witIn the final hour of this multi-day seminar participants were instructed to stand and publicly declare an intention. One by one upwards of 150 people rose microphone in hand to publicly give voice to their dream.

And now you can too.

The ground rules of a public declaration are simple:

  • It must be summarized in one sentence.
  • It can’t begin with “I’d like to…” or “Maybe I will…” or “It would be great if I could….” Instead, your declaration must begin with the words “I’m going to___”
  • It must include a commitment to act.

Some of the intentions shared over the years are downright inspiring!

“I’m going to be the penguin expert on a tour of the Galapagos.”

“I’m going to open a bakery-café that caters to stay at home parents and their kids.”

“I’m going to spend six months every year in the south of France.”

“I’m going to write the biography of my grandfather’s life.”

“I’m going to move to an island and open a bike repair shop.”

So you have a choice. You can murder your idea and no one will ever know.

Or you breathe life into your dream by scrolling down to either the Facebook OR the general comments section to make your own public declaration now.

Step 2: Find people who want to see your idea succeed as much as you do

The forces of fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm are mighty. That’s why you need a team of people who want to see you realize your dream as much as you do.

People who will be there to support one another, to hold each other accountable for making slow steady progress, to offer new ideas and solutions, to help one another overcome the inevitable setbacks, and to celebrate the wins big and small.

It’s interesting. Left on your own and you can feel hopeless.

But when you’re in a group like this, somehow you feel empowered. You become almost “bigger” than you usually are.

You feel a confidence that’s sometimes impossible to muster on your own. Yet with this network of supporters cheering you on, you’re inspired to go on… to plow ahead with a certain audacity that you might not normally feel you have in you.

As importantly, your productivity will soar. With a dream team behind you, you will get more done in six months than you would otherwise accomplish in six years!
Group Of Business People Are Focused On The JobThe people on your dream team can be friends, like-minded co-workers, even total strangers. You can meet in person or via conference call.

Regardless of who’s in your group or how you communicate the key is commitment. To truly succeed your dream team must commit to meeting weekly for no less than six months.

I’ve been a member in three business-building groups myself and each one has helped me grow in leaps and bounds.

I’m so convinced of the power of having a “mastermind” behind you that I recently created a formal Changing Course Dream Team.

The people who’ve already joined a dream team did so as a result of signing up for the recent Work @ What You Love workshop. (If you missed it and still want to take the class, you have until February 14 to get the complete webinar recordings.)

You don’t need to have attended Work at What You Love to join a Dream Team. That’s why I’m opening up the Dream Teams to my larger Changing Course newsletter readership.

These Dream Teams are set to begin in the next two weeks.

Right now there only 5 spots left. Once you sign up you can select your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice from various days and times.

Don’t murder your dream. Instead take a moment now to learn how you can join a Changing Course support group and to discover 5 ways a dream team can help you achieve your dream.

Even if a dream team is not for you, I encourage you to scroll down this page to publically declare your intention today. After all, a dream is a terrible thing to waste!

I hope you enjoyed this preview and I hope to see YOU in a dream team!

There are 11 comments. Add yours.

  1. Harriett Smith

    I am going to open a creative design studio focusing on photography, hair dressing and sewing women fashions

  2. I LOVE This idea Harriett! How are you envision this? Who are your future customers and clients?

    • Harriett Smith

      I envision a workspace designed to facilitate all three of my areas. I would maintain about 10 to 15 natural hair clients (I already have 10 clients I service every six week. This is my part-time escape from my job-job which gives me some hope that leaving my job-job for my creative passions is possible.) Second, I would specialize in studio photography but would also hire out for all special occasions except weddings. I also would investigate commercial photography for instances where lawyers need photographs of accident scenes, equipment etc. (I am currently a paralegal.) I have owned a camera since I was 9. And for my third area of creating I would craft clothing for hard to fit women. (I have owned a sewing machine since 8th grade) I also would design and create window coverings. I overall idea is to have multiple ways to generate income doing the three things I enjoy most. I just need to get moving I am 52 and counting.

      • LOVE IT Harriett! So, what are you waiting for!?!

  3. Skylar

    i am going to be a well-known music artist whom tours and performs world-wide in front of thousands of fans who also helps women and children throught awareness and fund-raising.

  4. Skylar

    I am going to be a well-known music artist performing in front of millions of fans world-wide and I will help women and children by raising awareness of cultural issues and fundraising.

  5. Dear Team:

    I want to manufacture and distribute an “educational learning toy” designed for anyone over the age of six. It is a combination between a Hands-On, 3D, Brain Teaser Puzzle. Instructions to constructing the different 3D shapes is included with the puzzle.

    This product will test cognitive thought, manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and problem-solving skills all in a safe and fun environment. The reading of instructions, following instructions and constructing many stand-alone shapes, teaches the learning process to many people don’t learn until much later in life, if at all.

    Many other benefits are attached to this product, like once constructed, can be tossed similar to a Frisbee but when coming in contact with a solid object, breaks apart the falls directly to the ground. I presently have a working prototype, being used for R&D. With a few minor changes, I would be able to increase ease of assemble, increasing the enjoyment value.

    I’m contacting your Team, after visiting you’re web site and reading you may be looking for just this kind of cognitive learning tool. Please email me personally with any questions and I will look for your response.
    Congenially Yours,

    Steven Machado

  6. Hi Steve — we’re not looking for a learning tool BUT I do encourage you to continue to pursue your wonderful product! Valerie

  7. Marpessa Heath

    Reading this article THIS evening was many things: a breath of fresh air, wind in my sails, and just the impetus for change that I needed. I have “murdered” my dream for more than fifteen years and have been absolutely miserable in the process.

    I declare that I will purchase land and open an upscale used furniture/thrift store in 2015. This will be my “beginning”.

    • What a great idea Marpessa! My main question is, why do you need to purchase land and build a store? It seems like an expensive and riskier way to go when you can either rent space or refurbish an existing store.


    I am going to be a successful historical fiction novelist.


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