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3 New Cool “Jobs”

A really cool job. Everyone wants one. Right?

But what if you also want to do your own thing? To enjoy more flexibility and control over when, where, and how you work?

To put the life side of the work-life equation first?

Then my friend you need to create your own cool job.

It’s not as hard as you might think. Nor is it the fast-easy path to overnight riches that some gurus make it out to be.

Fundamentally, making the leap from having a boss to being your own boss comes down to two things:

1)      A great idea

2)     The courage to act on it

The good news is there truly is no end to the creative ways to make a livelihood without a job-job.

Creative Options For People Who Want to Do Their Own Thing

Last time I shared 3 cool “jobs” you can create or build on:

  • A cool way to share your of love of wine
  • Imitating master artists
  • Baking and delivering warm cookies and cold milk

In This Issue

In this issue you’ll discover how to:

As always, some of the cool ideas you’re about to “meet” come from people in an international community of licensed Profiting From Your Passion® coaches.

I hope these ideas inspire you to make your own job!

Cool “Job” #7 Share Your Love of Crafts

There are hundreds if not thousands of craft-related websites. What caught my eye was one that brings together two unlikely passions.

Geek Crafts combines geeky stuff (or what some might call nerdy) like Starwars, Harry Potter, and Wonderwoman and, of all things, crafting!

It’s also a great example of how you don’t actually have to “do” crafting. Instead you can dedicate yourself to scoping out cool crafting ideas like they do.

Plus, the blogger bios are a fun reminder that there’s more to life than office politics and commuter traffic.

paulyTake Pauly who tells us that he lives in the fabled lands of Canada” with his wife, son and “a small zoo.”

For his day job Pauly “travels all over the world” where he says he “sees the inside of many airports, hotels and taxi cabs.”

During his own time though, he “enjoys cross-stitch, as long as it is geeky.” Who knew?

Pauly and full-time crafter wife Redd co-run a store on Etsy called Geekopolis.

Oh yes, Pauly says he’s also “totally a Viking.”

Building on That Idea

When you calculate in materials and time, it can be tough to make any real money selling individual craft items. So a lot of people just give up.

But what if there were a way to sell just your crafting IDEAS?

Enter the craft pattern and education site You Can Make This. Once your project has been accepted, the company shares it with their eager crafters. Then when your pattern sells you get 50 percent of the revenue.

Side note: The business was founded by stay-at-home mom and avid crafter Kim Christopherson. It was so successful her husband Ryan was able to quit his technology job to join her. Sweet!

Cool “Job” #8 Invent a New Toy

As kids Mike Cheshire and Tom Aiezza they knew their parents weren’t keen on them playing Frisbee in the house. So they fashioned their own smaller disks out of jar lids, shaved bottle caps… whatever worked.

The childhood friends teamed up after college to produce the same mini-Frisbee toy.

flickerzRather than go to China, they hired a plastics company in Southern California to produce a first run of 7,500 Flickerz. Total cost from prototype to mold to finished product was only $10,000.

Stellar sales at 12 independent toy stores meant they were on the right track. Today their site features lots of video demonstrations. But back then the pair had posted a video of themselves doing trick throws that they posted on LinkedIn of all places.

A toys sales rep saw it and told them they needed to go to a toy fair happening in two weeks. Mike and Tom quickly put down $2,500 for half a booth and with that, Jungo Toys was officially born.

In 2012, they sold between 50,000 and 60,000 discs. Before long they were able to begin paying themselves.

In 2013, Jungo sold 120,000 units. This year they expect to double again breaking the half a million mark in revenue. Customized versions with an organization’s logo are especially profitable because there’s no packaging or sales commissions to pay out.

Building on That Idea

Having such a low price point has had an unexpected benefit. One non-government organization purchased a batch of Flickerz to keep kids standing in food lines amused. And for children at an orphanage in Kenya it’s the first toy they ever owned.

This could be a great opportunity to start a non-profit that matches non-government organizations serving poor children or those in refugee camps with toy manufacturers willing to donate over-stock toys.

Have an idea for a toy?

I found this article by the folks at Sesame Street.

blockbusterCheck out The Blockbuster Toy! How to Invent the Next Big Thing

Or if you’re further along in the process or don’t mind investing $1,250 for immersion education, consider learning from industry experts at either of these mega-events:

Cool “Job” #9 Cater to Kids

When you walk into the romantic, candle-lit dining room at Chandler’s Restaurant in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, the last word that would come to mind is “children.”

But when you realize they are part of Yankee Candle’s huge flagship store known for its Disney-like Bavarian Christmas village, then it all makes sense.

Every month the restaurant hosts a mother/daughter luncheon. Guests dress up in feather boas, tiaras, and fancy attire to enjoy an “award winning kids menu” while listening to a reading of one of the books in Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy series.

It must be a hit because Chandler’s recently added kid’s cooking classes for $25.00 per child. This includes instruction, recipes to take home, lunch, and complimentary lunch for one accompanying parent.

It’s a great deal for the parent and smart way for the restaurant to attract first-time diners.

Building on That Idea

That got me thinking. Someone who loves creative marketing and children could fashion themselves into an internationally recognized children’s event expert. (I like to think big!)

You could research other innovative ways normally adult-focused businesses are using kid-friendly events to bring parents and their credit cards in the door. Then sell your findings in the form of an e-book or marketing white paper.

Or simply use it to custom design children’s events for restaurants, retail stores, libraries, even car dealerships or dental practices.

Resource for a Change

Attend the SCORE Awards Gala Without Leaving Home

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, on Thursday, August 14 at 7:00pm Eastern SCORE is live streaming their Awards Gala

This is a great opportunity to get some inspiration and potential ideas without ever leaving home!

Two honorees that caught my eye are:

Garbage to Garden A Maine-based company picks up your food scraps and returns them as compost. If you love this idea as much as I do, this could also be a great opportunity to contact them to see how you might work together to launch this same business where you live.

Lulyboo The founder and inventor of this baby bed carrier worked with two Score mentors. One guided her to grow the business while another helped her script and produce a video entry for a local entrepreneur forum. The video came in 1st place netting the founder a cash prize of $10,000.

Add Your Voice to Cool Job Tribe

Thousands of heads are always better than one!

How would you build on any of these cool jobs? What other options, ideas, or additional profit centers did you picture? What other cool jobs have you spotted lately? Post below!


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I’ve taken a lot of career assessment tools and they always end up telling me I’m creative – which I already knew – but they still leave me stumped as to what to DO with my creativity to actually make a living.

Valerie gave me a lot of good ideas that really made me think. She helped me see how many different possibilities there are in the world for us creative types.

Lynette Turner
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If Your Dream Has Stalled, Then It’s Time to “Manifest This”

You’ve Seen Mega Hit DVD “The Secret”
How’s That Working for You?

If Your Dream Has Stalled, Then It’s Time to “Manifest This”

By far the highlight of the recent Suzanne Evan’s event in Orlando was the premier of a Hollywood-quality film by Blue Melnick called “Manifest This.”

The movie (which Suzanne executive produced) challenges the “imagine it and it will come” premise behind the hugely popular DVD The Secret.

Because of the humor it would be easy to call the movie a spoof. But in fact the film includes serious interviews about the real secret of success from people who’ve earned plenty of it. Yes you hear from super-success coach Suzanne Evans, marketing expert Joe Polish, the fellow who handled masterminded the marketing of The Secret.

But also you hear from people like…

…Barry and Fran Weissler the producers behind hit Broadway revivals like Chicago, La Cage aux Folles, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and many more.

…Larry Winget, the five-time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author of such books as You’re Broke Because You Want To Be: How to Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead and Your
Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide For Raising Responsible, Productive Adults has appeared on PBS, MSNBC, FOX, Larry King Live and more. When you see the movie you’ll understand why Larry is known as the pit bull of personal development

…and me! 🙂

Check out the trailer and sign up to see the LIVE replay Friday, April 6th at 8pm.

Not only are you going to be one of the first people to see the film, but there will also be a panel with several stars of the film, as well as the Director (Jimbo Marshall), and the Producer (Blue Melnick!).

They’ll not only discuss the making of the film, but different ways to use new unconventional media to market yourself, and your business.
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I’m really excited to share this special video invitation from Carrie Wilkerson with you.

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 If You Must Have a J-O-B, Go for One That Makes a Difference

By Valerie Young

Let’s face it, unless you’re independently wealthy, you can’t just up and quit your day job and be running your own profitable small business immediately. That’s why I love Suzanne Evan’s suggestion that you think of your …

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Andrew and Valerie

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Discover how a WebTV show can help you:

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What I mean is — you and I both know what you desperately want…

You want to work at what you love…

You want to know the work you do matters…

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And of course you want the financial rewards that come when you learn how to profit from your passion…

You already have the desire. That’s not the problem.

The problem is time. Between the demands of your job-job, your home, your family, it’s hard to work on your dream.

I know because I used to be exactly where you are. Commuting 90 miles a day, coming home so fried all I could do was plop in front of the television.

I get it.

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What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

How many times did you hear that question when you were a kid?


Back then, it really didn’t matter too much what you said… you could say you wanted to grow up to be a ballerina or a major league ball player or the "ice cream man" and ride around in an ice cream truck all day.

At age 5 or 8 or 11, no one took these career leanings too seriously. That is until you got a bit older. At which point the idea that you were serious about being a ballerina or a ballplayer or the ice cream man was probably met with a lot of resistance from most of the adults in your life.

People told you to put away your silly ideas about being "happy" and just get a "good job."

So everyone from your guidance counselor to your mother swayed you toward being a teacher or an engineer or an executive. There’s just one problem. You’re miserable.

And sadly, you’re not alone. As Benjamin Disraeli once said, "Most people will die with their music still in them."

But, what if the most "real" thing you can do is to do work that reflects your authentic self? To find a way to actually live your life on your own terms?

What if what you really need to do is to get "unreal."

After all, as Will Smith reminds us, "Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity." Is that what you really want?  

I mean you only have this one life. And how you live it is up to you.

Perhaps you’ve buried your dreams for so long that you don’t even know what they are any more…

Or, maybe you already know what you love to do, but you just haven’t figured out how to make money doing it…

Either way, I’d like to help.

You see, I’ve helped literally thousands of people answer these same questions for themselves.

In my coaching practice, I obviously work with people on a one-to-one basis. These are 90-minute laser brainstorming events. I call them "laser" sessions because I have a laser-like focus on my client and how he or she can take one or more of the things they love to do and turn it into one or multiple profit centers.

Some people prefer having the time to delve in more deeply and thrive on the energy of a group. Over the last 15 years I’ve run seminars from coast to coast called "Work at What You Love."

Here you’re looking at upwards of 150 people coming together in big hotel ballroom seeking answers to the question, "What do I love to do — and how can I make money doing it?"

Being able to spend concentrated time with one person is great because it really is all about helping them in a highly focused and personalized way.

And yet, there is really nothing quite like a room buzzing with the energy of dozens and dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone learning together and encouraging one another’s dreams. It’s an amazing time.

But here’s the thing…

Everyone at my big seminars learn a ton.
But what they don’t get is lots of time with me.

As fun and energizing as these big workshops are, when the group gets over even 25 people, there’s really no practical way for me to connect with and work intensely with people on a really personal, individual level.

That is until now! Drum roll please…

After much "noodling" in my head, I finally came up with a way we can both have it all.

"Intensive Time And Personalized Coaching With Me
PLUS The Energy, Excitement, And Support Of
Like-Minded Souls Who, Like Me, Are Raring To
Help You Finally Discover AND Profit From Your Passion

Want to know what I’ve cooked up for you? Click here to learn more. But don’t wait because my big idea is happening really soon!

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. George Eliot wrote, "It’s never too late to be what you might have been." Isn’t it time you finally made the commitment to discover the work you were meant to do? CLICK HERE NOW to learn how.

Teleseminars Are a Great Solution for People Who Hate to Sell

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

I’m not one to throw around big promises like “Turn your annual income into your monthly income.” But I met a guy who, through much trial and error and hard work, has successful managed to do just that… and quite a bit more.

His name is Alex Mandossian. And in less than three years, he was able to turn his annual income into a MONTHLY income… all through the revenue-generating power of his telephone.

That’s impressive. Equally impressive, though, is what Alex has to offer other entrepreneurs who, like me, love teaching but hate selling. He made his fortune because he figured out that it’s a lot easier to educate customers than to try to “sell” them. And it’s a lot more profitable too.

Alex is a master at marketing by teaching, at earning by helping, and at succeeding by helping your customers succeed. He’s delivered Teleseminars with many of the world’s top leaders and authors, including Donald Trump, Stephen Covey, and Mark Victor Hansen and has trained over 13,000 students since 2001.

Over the past 12 years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $203 million in sales. And he’s agreed to share what he’s learned with you.

Be My Special “VIP” Guest

On Thursday, December 3rd Alex will
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And of course much, much more …

If you hate selling, but love teaching or bringing on guest speakers or otherwise using the power of Teleseminars to grow your business, grab your seat before it’s gone.

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Alex only teaches this unique training once a year and on Thursday, December 3rd you’ll get to eavesdrop on one of the biggest and most important Teleseminars of the year. If you have a schedule conflict, then get registered anyway because Alex gave me his word that he’d record the call and make it available Friday, December 4th.

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