3 Ways to Find Your Tribe

December 16, 2014 | ChangingCourse.com

Caroline Myss wrote, “We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into.”

Put another way: Who you hang out with now has a lot to do with where you’ll wind up later.

Take “Angela.”

A big reason why she’s failed to evolve into the professional singer she was meant to be is because Angela has never been plugged into the right “tribe.”

Angela grew up imitating legendary singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horn while part of a family of country music fans and surrounded by friends into heavy metal.

singerAs an adult Angela never lost her desire to be a jazz vocalist. She has the talent and the drive.

But Angela is still immersed in her old tribe.

The problem isn’t one of differing musical tastes.

The problem is no one in Angela’s life has the knowledge, experience, or interest in supporting her dream.

Angela needs to find her “tribe” – in this case professional singers who know it’s possible to be paid to perform because they’re doing it themselves.

Everybody Needs a Tribe

In order for you to evolve from employee to self-bosser then you need to find your tribe too.

If you’ve found your passion, then you know who what your tribe looks like. But what if you can’t figure out how to find them?

That was Jessica’s problem. She writes about wartrol review :

questionHi Valerie

My Aunt Cindy recommended your website 7 years ago and I have been following you ever since. My husband and I have begun creating a new life around much of your advice.

After years of searching and experimenting with my different skills and hobbies and creating my own successes, I am starting my own coaching business.  

I want to immerse myself with wonderful people who are doing what I want to do but I am struggling to find seminars, conferences, online groups, anything. I can find individuals online across the country, but I want to meet people in real life. Where can I begin?

Jessica Nason
East Killingly, CT 

Jessica’s tribe is other coaches.

Your own tribe may be other fiber artists, eBay sellers, or whatever it is that you are either doing or dream of doing.

If, like Jessica, you can’t find a local group you still have options.

Option 1: Expand Your Tribe

If you can’t find an industry-specific group then join your local chamber of commerce, inventor group, or any gathering of entrepreneurs.

If Jessica joined a women business owners group I guarantee a number of members will be coaches. That means she can network with her specific tribe and meet prospective clients at the same time!

hercornerKeep in mind too that not all Tribes need to be local. Sorry to leave out my male readers, but if you’re a woman business owner you can join a really neat organization called Her Corner.

Founded by my friend Frederique Irwin, the organization recently launched a new, free Community Membership level with lots of free discounts and perks to help you grow.

It’s a great no cost way to collaborate with other members, get access to discounted products and services, and tap into the collective wisdom of other women business owners who are equally committed to growing their businesses.

Option 2: Start Your Own Tribe

If you want to be in a group made up of people in your specific business– and you can’t find one in your area – then start one!

Like Jessica I couldn’t find a coach networking group in her area either. However, I did find the 2015 Directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners which lists dozens of life/spiritual and other coaches and practitioners.

Armed with that information, Jessica could easily invite specific coaches to meet for coffee or drinks. Or, for a less targeted approach, she could use Meet Up to start a coaches group in her area.

Option 3: Change Seekers Need a Tribe Too 

If you’re still in search mode you may be thinking… “But, how can I find my tribe if I don’t know what I want to do?”

It doesn’t matter whether you know the passion part of profiting from your passion. What matters is you know you want to be free from job jail.

If you’re surrounded by people who are diehard employees – and you don’t want to wind up as a lifer yourself – then your tribe is other freedom seekers.

One way to connect with your tribe and learn at the same time is to gather a group of likeminded friends or co-workers together for a book reading group.

The War of Art, Making a Living Without a Job, or Your Money or Your Life are all good choices.

Even if you don’t have a specific idea you can still take a business start-up or marketing class through your local adult education program.

Or if you live in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa or the U.S. Virgin Islands it should be easy to find a class offered by one of the 900 Small Business Development Centers.

Even if you’re in search mode you still need to hang out with the people who are where you want to be.

Unless you live in a highly remote location you’re bound to find local business owner, inventor, artisan, and other meet ups in your area.

If you want to evolve into working when, where, and how you want – being plugged into the right tribe is essential!

Finding your tribe is easier than you may think. You just need to try.

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