Who are the 5 People You Meet on Your Way to the Super Bowl to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

February 11, 2022 | ChangingCourse.com

There is a lot happening in February that inspires business ideas–Black history month, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and more.

But as we go into a weekend that includes the Super Bowl followed by Valentines day, we thought we would share a few business ideas inspired by a love of sports and loving a partner.

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Money-Making Idea: The Business of Sports

Person #1: Sports Parties-in-a-Box Maker

If the Super Bowl is your type of romantic experience due to your love of sports, you might start a business that creates a Super Bowl Party-in-a-Box. This could also be done for any major sports event such as March Madness, the World Series, Triple Crown, Wimbledon, World Cup, the Masters, etc.

Every major sporting event has its own traditions from the food and drinks to the decorations. You could research these to create a Sports Party-in-a-Box business.  

In fact, for big sports fans who follow many different sports, this could be subscription that is delivered for each major sporting event.

While the Super Bowl happens only once per year, this idea is applicable to any major sporting event.

You might even create a Party-in-a-Box for the non-sports fans, who are watching the Super Bowl for the great ads and simply to socialize with friends.

Person #2: Leadership or Team Building Coach

If you have been involved with team sports, you know that there are many life lessons that one can learn from sports, so sports can also be used to teach these lessons to people outside of the sports realm.  

Common themes that are taught using sports analogies include leadership, perseverance and team building.   

Meet former sports caster, Jen Mueller, a motivational speaker and author who uses sports to teach leadership skills through her company, Talk Sporty to Me.  

If you’ve been an athlete or a sports fan who has learned lessons from sports, you could share those lessons through speaking engagements, blogs, podcasts, and more. 

Person #3: Female Officiant

Women Officiating Now (WON) is training women to be officiants in the NFL. According to the WON website, it “launched in 2013 as part of the NFL’s Football Officiating Academy (FOA). 

WON hosts clinics at which women learn the basics of football, the fundamentals of officiating and leadership skills that are useful on and off the field. 

At WON clinics, women learn from former players, elite female officials and NFL representatives in the classroom and on the field to better understand officiating and develop their skills. 

Top performers can earn the opportunity to continue their development in the NFL’s Officiating Development Program and work toward officiating at higher levels.

WON clinics are open to all women, no matter their background or skill level. Some attendees come with officiating experience; others are new to the discipline. 

Attendees may be young female athletes, women who played football or female football fans who want to know more about officiating.”

Money-Making Idea: The Business of Love 

If you are part of a couple, then you understand that there are at least four times each year when you need to either share a gift or create an experience for your partner.

Those four times are your partner’s birthday, your couple anniversary, the major religious or cultural holiday your partner celebrates–be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid at the end of Ramadan, Chinese New Year, or another observance–and Valentine’s Day.

Still, even though there are unwritten rules about gift-giving for these occasions, too often, one partner forgets to get a gift or create a lovely experience.

Of course, wherever there is a need, there is an opportunity. You could start a business that reminds partners of gift-giving seasons and helps them to procure a special gift for that special someone.

Person #4: The Gift Concierge

Here are examples of businesses that are doing this. You could examine creating a similar business, but maybe for a specific niche, such as outdoors people, artistic people, technology people, giving/charitable people.

  • Madianite Concierge Gifting – has reasonably priced curated gifts, and will also work with the gift giver to create unique gifts.
  • Packed with Purpose – curates gifts from Purposeful Purveyors who are creating meaningful social impact.
  • The Gift Concierge – this is a high-end gifting business including experiences such as luxury travel.

Person #5: The Experience Creator

If instead of gift-giving you prefer the idea of creating unique experiences, then you could start a business doing just that.

Take, for example, Christine, a flight attendant who was furloughed due to the pandemic. She took her love for pillow pits and blanket forts to start her business, Rainy Day Picnics.

Christine creates unique outdoor experiences for people to gather in a cozy picnic setting, rain or shine.

Another great example is Virgin Experience Gifts, which has unique experiences based on location or interest. This would be a great location-specific business to create in a city or town you know well.

Other examples include:

Use these examples as inspiration to create unique experiences for couples or others who share your interests or passions.

Is this what’s holding you back?


I’m Not Ready to Start.

You have something big and exciting that you want to do, but you don’t feel like you’re ready to share it with the world yet. You don’t feel like you have enough of the pieces in place in order to effectively put your idea out in the universe, so you wait. You keep trying to get everything just perfect and ready to launch. 

Your limiting belief is that you’re not ready to start until everything is perfect. The problem is that if you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll never launch because perfection is an impossible standard.    


I Will Get Started and Modify as Needed.

What truly matters is progress, not perfection. Getting started matters more than getting everything perfect. There comes a time when you simply need to hit the “Go” button.

Once you get started, you can make the necessary course corrections as you go. In fact, you may only see what needs to be corrected by launching your idea. But if you wait until you feel perfectly ready to launch, you will never launch at all. Your new belief is “I will get started and modify as needed.” 


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