Are We in a “Shecession”?

November 5, 2020 |

Since the pandemic began, the economy and life as we’ve known it has been in upheaval. Schools and businesses were closed, people who could work from home were learning how to use Zoom and other videoconferencing and connection services. Some were finding out their internet access was not up to the task of having everyone home and online at the same time! And then there’s who’s going to work where in spaces that weren’t always designed for that. As things wore on, and optimism for a quick resolution faded, decisions had to be made.

According to an article by Katie Surma of the Chicago Tribune (published November 4, 2020, in the Seattle Times), in September of this year, 865,000 women in the United States left the workforce or were laid off nationwide, compared to 216,000 men.  Some of the layoffs can be attributed to service workers whose places of business were either closed or limited in capacity due to local restrictions. Many of those who voluntarily left were moms who had to figure out homeschooling or had lost their daycare providers and were not able to incorporate child care with their own work schedule.  The loss of jobs has fallen disproportionately to women, who are still the primary caregivers for a family.

Regardless of who ultimately will govern the country (at this time it’s still unknown), it’s going to be a long road. But do we want to go “back” to the way it was? Or is it a good time to move forward, into something new that could be better?

Women have started more businesses in recent history. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to work when you want to or when you can if family responsibilities mean staying at home instead of going to a workplace. Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to create and work for something of your own, rather than building someone else’s dream. It means doing something you love to create the world you want to live in, rather than doing what you can to pay the bills.

Ultimately this “shecession” could lead to a sea change in how many women earn a living. A tipping point that creates more jobs for everyone, with more freedom and joy in their lives, and even more money in their bank account. What would you do if you could do anything? Now is the time to explore, the opportunity is now for YOU to envision and start building the life and livelihood you’ve always wanted!