Have You Considered Sharing as a Way to Earn Income?

November 15, 2021 | ChangingCourse.com

Countdown to 2022:

How the Sharing Economy Can Help You Earn Income

There are seven weeks until the start of 2022. If you desire to change course in the new year, you need to begin planning now.

To jumpstart your thinking about what you might do to change course, we are sharing income generating ideas, resources that can turn those ideas into money makers, information on how to address some of the challenges that may be holding you back and books with advice to help you address those challenges.

Last week, we looked at selling physical or information products such as creating a course around an area of expertise. This week, we are looking at how you can use spaces to generate income through Sharing Economy websites.

Depending on what you have to share, this could be a side gig for extra income or it could become your primary income.


To Your Dreams,

Money-Making Idea: Earn Income with the Sharing Economy

Young man showing a home to a couple

The Sharing Economy is a peer-to-peer activity of acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services often facilitated by an on-line platform.

This includes many businesses that you are familiar with such Airbnb, We Works, Zip Car, and Uber, where people share homes, office spaces, and cars or car service.

You don’t have to start your own shared economy business, but can take advantage of existing sharing platforms to earn income using resources you already have.

Do you have a home, apartment, or room you could rent for temporary housing?

Have you considered renting your home for filming movies, TV, or commercials? Learn about some of the perks.

Film crews look for average homes, historic homes, run down homes and everything in between.

Do you have a garage that you might rent for storage?

You can even rent out your pool for pool parties.

All over the world people are looking to rent temporary spaces for photo and video shoots, meetings, workshops, parties, bridal showers, baby showers, performances, pop up shops, and more.

Resources to Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Rent Your Space for Temporary Housing

Rent Your Pool

Rent Your Space for Meetings, Parties, Popups, etc.

Rent Your Home for a Movie Set

Rent Your Garage or Storage Space

Look for the List Your Property link usually in the upper right corner of the web pages above.

Is this what’s holding you back?



I’m Too Old to Start Something New

With this limiting belief, you believe that in order to be successful, you need to start young. The only way to truly achieve great things is to get started at a young age and work and work until you finally achieve greatness at an older age.

Your limiting belief is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You feel like if you tried to start something new at this point in your life, you would fail. Maybe you want to write a book. Maybe you want to take up skiing. But as you consider these things, you think to yourself, “Only young people do these things.”


I am Never Too Old to Start Something New

There are thousands of people who have achieved huge amounts of success later in life. Joy Behar, former host of The View, didn’t start her career in show business until she was 40. Vera Wang didn’t start designing clothing until she was 40. Morgan Freeman got his big acting break at age 50. Grandma Moses began painting in her 70s.

If they can do it, surely you can too. In order to rewrite your limiting belief, recognize that being older gives you more wisdom, a broader skill set, more experience, and as a result more to offer.

Your new belief is, “I am NEVER too old to start something new. I have the experience and wisdom to achieve anything I want, no matter what age I am.


What We’re Reading

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Mid-Life and Beyond by Julie Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) is for anyone who is embarking on a second act.

Consistent with the Changing Course philosophy, this book will help to cultivate your creativity for an inspired and authentic life which reflects what is meaningful and joyful for you.