How to Start and Grown an Online Business

October 29, 2022 |

Yesterday, we posted a really quick message about this weekend’s FREE LIVE Masterclass from Jeff Walker. If you didn’t see it, no worries. We promised to share more, so here it is.

We know that many Changing Course subscribers are interested in starting their own business or even a “side gig.”

We’ve been hearing from a lot of folks who are retiring from their traditional jobs and think this is the time to start something new. Others just want to create some extra income. And many want to do something about which they are really passionate.

No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to start a business or side gig, in today’s digital economy, learning about online selling is critically important. That’s where our friend, Jeff Walker comes in. He is an expert, who has been teaching people how to market their product, service, coaching and so much more online for 25 years.

Just once per yer, Jeff opens up his Product Launch Formula (PLF) program. Jeff is really transparent with his audience and we will always be transparent with you. So let me tell you what this PLF thing is about.

For three days, Jeff Walker will do live sessions outlining his method of starting and growing an online business:

Session 1 (yesterday) focused on:

  • What is a Launch? It is a method of educating an audience about a product or service that you would like them to purchase so that they understand the transformation that product or service can create in their lives. It helps the customer to understand how your product or service solves a problem they are having.
  • Why Launch? With so many things coming at us from different media today, a launch allows you to share the value of your product or service with potential customers before they buy. Think about a movie trailer that runs for months before the movie is released to build anticipation or Apple doing ads to educate people about the new features in their iPhone in the months leading up to the phone’s release.
  • How to Launch? Jeff has a four step method on how to do a successful launch. He covers the first three steps in this first session. If you want to hear about this, check out the replay.

Session 2 (starting at 4:00 pm US Eastern Time today) is all about what he calls the three main types of launches, including the “Seed Launch®,” which is how anyone can create a new business from scratch – starting with no list and no product. Register for the live training.

Session 3 will run on Sunday, also at 4:00 pm US Eastern Time. We will send a sign-up link before that session also.

On Sunday, Jeff will make an offer for you to join his PLF program. The program opens only once per year and will be open for 5 days only. If you choose to sign up for the program, Changing Course will receive a commission.

But whether or not you choose to purchase anything, this three day opportunity to hear Jeff teach his Product Launch formula for FREE is worth the time you invest in it.

Why We Recommend Jeff

Arthurine became what Jeff calls a PLF owner two years ago. Like many of you, she dreamed of being her own boss, and made the leap in 2020. She is also someone with multiple interests, so in addition to purchasing Changing Course with Kate Fessler, Arthurine started a nonprofit management business in 2020, based on the work she did in my former job.

Through PLF, she has learned a great deal about marketing herself and her businesses in the past two years. She says, “I still have a lot to learn and still need to implement many things that I’ve learned. However, what I have implemented, allowed me to double the income from my last job within a year of starting my own business.”

We also love Jeff’s transparency. He is not offering any get rich quick schemes. He will tell you that it is hard work and you must do the work in order to be successful.

We are excited to share this information with you because we know that just watching the free sessions can make such a difference in how you think about starting a business. It is possible because lots of people like you and us do it everyday.

While Arthurine has probably been to a half-dozen live trainings with Jeff in the past two years, she continues to show up for his live sessions because there is an energy in the live trainings from Jeff, his team, and other PLF owners that is so motivating. We hope to see you there.

What Happens After the Three Day Training?

From Monday, October 31st through Friday, November 4th, Jeff will have live sessions every afternoon. He will answer questions and have speakers who have used the Product Launch formula for everything from selling music lessons, to knitting classes, to grass fed beef and wild Alaskan salmon, to teaching people to make period costumes, to teaching professional therapists about a method of behavior therapy.

You name it and someone has used the Product Launch Formula to share a product or service with people who really need it.

Watch the FREE Live Trainings or the Replay if you can. They are only available for the next week.

While we shared this yesterday, we wanted to share it again in case you didn’t see it or have not downloaded your FREE Copy of Jeff’s new publication, The Transformation Value Manifesto: How to Turn Your Knowledge Into a Thriving Online Business. It is available as a FREE download for a limited time (my guess is that it will only be available until next Friday). It has expert advice on how to start and grow a business.

We are not salespeople, so we are not trying to sell the Product Launch Formula program. Like many of you, Arthurine is someone who after years of wanting the freedom to work at what she loves, on her own time, she finally made the leap in 2020. She followed the Changing Course programs and the Product Launch Formula. We want to share with you what we’ve done, so that if you are interested in taking the leap, you can do it too.