In the Life

October 30, 2012 |

My heart goes out to my friends and readers in all the states hit hard by this mother of all storms. Amazingly we here in Western Massachusetts had relatively low winds and little rain. In fact, today the sun is out!

Not knowing what to expect and preparing for the worse I returned from Utah a day earlier than planned.  My friend and coach extraordinaire Debbi McFarlane-Clayton kindly arranged for a local book signing. It’s so gratifying to be able to help others – and women especially – to see how incredibly bright and capable they really are.

The venue was Broadview University where Debbi teaches. The walls were adorned with student art in areas like game art, entertainment design, comic and sequential art, and more.

From there I headed east to Park City home of Robert Redford’s famed Sundance Film Festival. I was there to deliver the keynote for Utah Women Lawyer’s annual retreat. The 5-star St. Regis was fabulous and the views spectacular – although I hadn’t really dressed for snow!

Two weeks earlier I was in Stamford CT to lead the first live, in-person version of the Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach training program since 2008! I got to spend three days with a group of super smart, interesting people from as far away as Oregon, California, Colorado, and Missouri.

People like Sheila Brown who was taking the class en-route to the ocean-side home in the Dominican Republic that she and a friend rented sight unseen. Talk about adventuresome! The plan is to host people who are seeking to change course to come to the island for a personalized career make over and leave with a new path – and a plan!

Then there’s Rick Terry, a recently retired senior executive from Texas. He now travels between a huge nature preserve in Oregon where he is the caretaker and the vineyard he bought in northern California. In addition to making wine Rick plans to run retreats as well. Think “Under the Tuscan Sun” for execs who are ready to get off the fast track.

Really every one of the attendees brought a unique history, experience, and perspective. We learned a lot and we laughed a lot.  I see great things for this group!

John Sanpietro and Ric Thompson

I think these guys thought I would be lighter than I am. 🙂

Like the rest of the class I went directly from our course to Ryan Lee’s DotComXPo marketing event. Ryan is living proof that you can be a great guy and a hugely successful entrepreneur!

If you haven’t attended a large internet marketing event I urge you to save your pennies so you can. The speakers were top-notch and as usual I walked away with some great marketing advice. But as importantly I reconnected with dozens of other savvy entrepreneurs who I’ve met at other events. Over the years we’ve become kind of a virtual family.

Unfortunately I had to leave early for the wake and funeral of my sister-in-laws mother. Kay was an absolutely lovely Scottish woman who lit up the room with her smile and always made me and my siblings feel like family. She will be missed.

Although I missed seeing Shark Tank’s Daymond John speak on Saturday I did get one of my coaches to have him sign a copy The Brand Within. I love his take on how every moment of the day we’re essentially broadcasting our personal “brand.”

Especially loved learning how Daymond and three neighborhood pals went from sewing clothes in his mother’s home in Queens to building their billion dollar clothing line FUBU. Plus if you love Shark Tank you’ll love the inside story of how he almost turned down the job!

In between trips I continue to enjoy my home with a view where I try to heed the wise words of Rudyard Kipling and “Delight in the little things.” Here are a few recent images from my daily walk with my boy Cokie…