Loved the Book!

I have parted with perfectly good coin to read the wisdom of many different authors concerning what I should do with my life and career. They all offer platitudes, exercises, and encouragement to the seeker. Some have complex diagrams, case studies, whatever. Chicken Soup for the aimless. Let me assure you, this book is different. It is clearly written, extremely useful, and the surprise is that it is inspirational! Not only will you (probably) get some great ideas to help you break out of that rut, but you’ll enjoy the process, and almost certainly be in a better mood just from reading the book! I didn’t get that from any of the ‘what color is my jumpsuit’ books, which gather dust on my shelf. Believe it or not, I carry this book around in my briefcase! I show it to friends, suggest they buy it, loan it to them if they won’t buy it. You should buy it–try it, and you’ll probably love it. If you read it and don’t think it’s a life-changer, give it to a close friend and they will thank you for it. Loved the book, by the way!