Serving Seniors: 30 Ways to Turn One Interest into Income

April 2, 2019 |

Some of the best business ideas come out of personal experience or crisis.

Kate watched several family members go through some rough medical times in their later years.

From that experience came a burning desire to start a business that served people 60 years old and older.

FYI, Kate had gone to nursing school – but she hated it. So she had no interest in working on the medical side.

In fact, Kate was really specific with her coach about what she did – and didn’t want – in a business.

It had to:

  • be a business she can run alone
  • not involve direct medical care
  • potentially involve teaching and helping
  • not be too expensive to start and generate income within a short time
  • involve some time working alone and some time with others
  • involve no driving
  • ideally, include research and problem-solving
  • not require more education
  • not involve the insurance industry
  • potentially use her gift for writing
  • not involve running errands for people

30 Money-Making Ideas for Working with Seniors

There are SO many ways to serve the booming senior market. Here are just a few that meet Kate’s criteria:

  1. Internet research specialist
  2. Product/service reviewer (nursing homes, senior discounts, etc.)
  3. Family relationships/connections
  4. Senior webzine
  5. Memoir author
  6. How-to guides for seniors (ebook author)
  7. Senior stories videographer/photographer
  8. Matchmaking services
  9. Helping family find housing options for seniors
  10. Website for 60+ regarding health issues
  11. Online dating coach or profile writer
  12. Career coaching
  13. Employment agency for seniors
  14. Handywoman services
  15. Social event organizer
  16. Fitness consulting
  17. Personal organizer / mover
  18. Tour guide / trip planner
  19. Computer consultant
  20. Antique appraisal
  21. Meal planning & delivery
  22. Dog walking or sitting (check out
  23. Delivery service
  24. Household manager
  25. Mediator
  26. Spiritual advisor
  27. Home Stager
  28. Online store owner
  29. Patient advocate
  30. Vacation or travel companion

And if Kate tapped Barbara Winter’s brilliant concept of having multiple income streams, several smaller enterprises could add up to a nice livelihood.

The point is, there are SO many ways to turn your interests into income

All it takes is a little creative thinking!

Need help coming up with your own money making idea?

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