Six figures in six months!

September 11, 2019 |

I could not be more excited!

My marketing mentor — and one of the smartest and nicest guys you’ll ever meet — Jeff Walker is about to put on his wildly popular Launch Masterclass… for FREE

Whether you already have a business… or you’re starting from scratch…

I am not exaggerating when I say that what you will learn in this Masterclass will be a complete game-changer.

I know because in 2006 I went from making a very modest living to earning six figures in six months.

It literally changed my life.

I’m hardly alone.

Since 2005, almost a million people have gone through Jeff’s launch workshops – and the success stories are legendary (some will blow you away).

And they aren’t all online businesses.

You could offer guitar lessons or provide tax services or teach dog obedience or coach people… and the launch strategy would still work.

In fact, some of the case studies Jeff shares are about people in such wide-ranging niches as…

  • a mental health non-profit
  • teaching yoga in Italy
  • grass-fed beef
  • painting
  • how to make corsets
  • teaching people how to get paid to brainstorm (wait — that’s me!)
  • and get this… even someone who did a 6-figure launch teaching people how to scream!

As important as how much these people earned is the unbelievable impact they were able to have on other people’s lives.

The best part about the upcoming Launch Masterclass for y-o-u is that it’s completely free.

Which is remarkable when you consider that Jeff is delivering 12+ hours of pure content LIVE (and he’s even answering questions LIVE).

It’s going to consist of four different classes, each building on the prior lesson – combined they make up a complete course (that’s why it’s a masterclass).

This “Launch Masterclass” is only going to be available for a few days.

Here’s the catch: because the entire training is being delivered LIVE… this is a time-limited opportunity.

There will be recordings available, but only for a limited time. So you need to go sign up and get registered now.


P.S. This first lesson covers the one launch strategy that’s generated over a billion dollars in results for Jeff’s students.

No wonder when Jeff talks, people like me listen – and learn. And if you truly want to thrive in self-employment, then you should too.

Register for the live broadcast here.





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