Treat Yourself to More Time and Happiness

April 10, 2018 |


If you’re thinking about improvements you want to make in your life, there is never a bad time to put those goals into motion. Think about the changes you want to make and put together a to-do list that includes activities and products that help you move in that direction.

Ideas for Mindfulness and Relaxation


  • Adult coloring books. Adult coloring books are a great way to set your mind free. The stress of everyday life tends to pile up and it can be hard to tune that out when we want to relax. Coloring is an easy and effective way to channel your energy into what’s on the page while enabling your mind to let go of nagging thoughts. The simple act of coloring actually helps you practice mindfulness – the process of focusing on the present moment without judging your thoughts or feelings. On top of the relaxation you get from the process of coloring, the end result of creating something gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Happiness planner. It may sound funny to plan happiness, but it can take making happiness a goal, writing it down, and actively working towards it to avoid letting it slip by the wayside. A happiness planner reminds you of this goal every day and gives you prompts to focus on achieving it.
  • Music. Huffington Post lists music as one of the top scientifically proven ways of reducing stress. If your goal is relaxation or finding more joy in life, explore music that is upbeat and makes you feel good. Consider investing in a nice set of headphones to add more music to your life wherever you go.

Ideas for Living Life to the Fullest

  • Simple pleasures – One of the simple joys in life is looking at pictures of our favorite people and memories. Look for creative ways to get your pictures off the iPhone so you can enjoy them all the time. This gallery wall idea created with photo decals is a unique and customizable way to do just that.
  • Reclaim your time – No matter how much stuff you have, few things can add joy to life better than having more time to do the things you love. Cut down on the time you spend planning and preparing meals by buying into a meal delivery service. This type of service gives you back valuable hours otherwise spent cooking (and shopping) so you can focus on activities that make you smile.
  • Get healthy – Even if getting fit isn’t on your must-do list of life goals, physical health boosts your happiness and relieves stress tremendously. Fitness gear can be pretty high tech these days, which actually makes it easier to find an activity you truly enjoy and stick with it. Along with buying the right gear, you can join an exercise or dance class you’ve always wanted to try. You may find a completely new passion!

  • Travel – Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, traveling is one of the best ways to make memories that last a lifetime. Give yourself the gift of travel any time of year by planning ahead and saving a small amount each paycheck. You can also invest in travel accessories for trips you already have planned.

Living life more fully is the best way to ensure success, no matter your definition of the word. Start with these ideas to give yourself something that truly adds value to life and helps you reclaim the time and happiness you deserve.


Julie Morris is a life and career coach who strives to help others live the best lives that they can. She believes she can relate to clients who feel run over by life because of her own experiences. She spent years in an unfulfilling career in finance before deciding to help people in other ways. You can reach her at