What “Season” Are You In?

November 13, 2023 | ChangingCourse.com

I’m in a group that meets weekly to support each other in our lives and businesses. The topic came up this week of “seasons” within both. Sometimes things run their course, like the seasons of the year, and whether they’ve been great or not, it may be time to move on.

Unlike the seasons, which will change whether we want them to or not, or whether we are ready or not, we often resist the restlessness that indicates a change is in order. We rationalize staying where we are, because it’s “comfortable” even if it’s actually profoundly uncomfortable in reality. It’s what we’re used to, we know how to navigate it. It’s scary to think about making waves or disrupting the status quo.

Maybe I’m just responding to the change in this season, here in the western hemisphere, where it’s getting darker earlier and the weather is often wet and gloomy. I will admit to a bit of seasonal – not quite depression, but definitely a slowing and less optimistic way of being. All of the bad news that seems to be so prevalent lately definitely doesn’t help!

But it doesn’t have to be bad news or gloom or any of that for you to feel like change is in the air.

We all have our “seasons” – when we’re young, it’s finding our passion and our place in the world. As we get a bit older, it’s usually setting down roots, maybe starting a family. After that, it’s usually personal growth and maybe changing our focus for our livelihood. And the inevitable “retirement” season, where we slow down but still want to be engaged and enjoying our lives – maybe making some money doing something we love, too!

You might be an empty-nester navigating what to do now after running a household and a family for so long. Maybe it’s time to run a business with all those skills you’ve developed over time!

Or you might be at the tail end of a long, fulfilling career, but it’s time for more flexibility and adventure.

You might be grappling with not wanting to return to the office and realizing you may have to quit your job if you don’t (or be let go, as has happened to many).

Seasons are all about change. We can either embrace it or resist it, but if it’s time, the call to the next season will only get stronger.

What season are you in? And what’s calling to you for what’s next?