Your Time is Now!

July 29, 2020 |

Were you able to join us for the first and possibly only Great Reset 2020 Work at What You Love virtual workshop? We had an amazing group of people participate; we were honored to have so many wonderful Change Seekers in attendance.

Have you been pondering whether it’s time for you to make a big change in your life and livelihood? What’s holding you back?

One of the questions that came up was, “can I be successful and still be “nice?” We all have images of successful people who are, quite frankly, not people we’d like to have in our social circle, much less our family! But success takes many different forms, and people don’t become monsters just because they achieve their goals (although it may seem that way from who we’re used to seeing held up as “role models”).

The consciousness of our society is evolving–becoming more values-based and ethical. People who are yearning for success don’t have to compromise themselves or become someone they don’t want to be. The opportunity exists to create your life and livelihood on your terms.

In the new Changing Course membership group, we want to nurture you and your dreams so that you can share your gifts and talents with the world. Now don’t get nervous. You don’t need to have a big idea or be front and center in a movement. Ordinary people doing ordinary things with purpose and passion can accomplish real change that results in extraordinary shifts in everyday life and in the culture as a whole.

When we let our lights shine, follow our dreams, and use our gifts and talents to serve the people who need us, we free ourselves to be who we truly are and to become the people we’re meant to be.

Whether you feel a slightest tug in your heart or a deep yearning in your soul to live your life in a different way, we invite you to become a charter lifetime member of Changing Course for a one-time fee of just $99!

Membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to the recording, workbook, and slides from the Great Reset 2020 Work at What You Love workshop – watch whenever and as many times as you wish!
  • Monthly Q&A and Brainstorming sessions
  • Life-Changing Book Club
  • Educational webinars
  • Private Facebook community of supportive fellow Change Seekers
  • Dream Team accountability groups for those who are ready to move forward
  • Exclusive access to 25 years of Changing Course archived content
  • NEW! Lifetime charter members receive a discount of $97 on all programs priced $197 or higher – forever!

We know that we’ll attract all the right people to be with us on this journey, and we hope you are one of them.

This opportunity is only available until midnight August 2, 2020 – this coming Sunday!

How long have you been waiting? How long have those dreams been simmering inside of you, just waiting for you to let them out? Your time is NOW! Join us today, invest in your future, and take the first step toward realizing the life and livelihood you’ve always wanted!